Hood Extractor System

Hood Extractor System

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Commercial Kitchen Extraction System Installers & Suppliers
Commercial extractor fans are an essential part of your kitchen and required by law. A well designed commercial kitchen ventilation system will ensure that poisonous carbon monoxide gases and grease elements in the air are removed to the level required by the Health & Safety Executive and local planning authorities.

All commercial kitchen extraction systems require a canopy to collect the fumes, effective ducting, fan(s)
and carbon and grease filters. The kitchen extraction system must also be designed to minimize noise and vibration to neighbors. Expert advice in kitchen extraction is essential to make sure your kitchen is safe and sound.

Hood Extractor System

Our expertise includes:
Commercial Kitchen Extraction Installation
Supply of fitting canopies, fans & cooker hoods
Commercial Kitchen Design
Restaurant Interior Design
Catering equipment finance to support your business cash flow or to get you started

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