Compact Brushless Blender 66 - Santos
Compact Brushless Blender 66 – Santos

Compact Brushless Blender 66 – Santos

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Compact Brushless Blender 66 – Santos


Thanks to its 9 optimized programs, the brushless blender #66 is perfect to make cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, iced coffees and any other mixed drink.
The patented two-way rotation of the blade, unique on the market, crushes and blends any kind of ingredients in a few seconds, including ice cubes and frozen fruits.
It is quiet and offers excellent energy efficiency thanks to its brushless motor.

Details :

  • Brushless motor: low consumption, high performance, silent, durable. It can be used intensively without overheating.
  • Lid detection: the motor stops when the lid is removed from the jar and when the jar is removed from the base.
  • Quiet blending technology: it is the quietest blender without sound enclosure on the market.
  • TiN coated blade: high resistance, adapted to intensive use.
  • Dual Crushing Action: Patented two-way rotation of the blade.
  • Programs: Quick blend thanks to 9 optimized programs.
  • Touchpad: Easy-use touchpad control panel with LCD display.
  • Stackable jars, graduated in milliliters and ounces, adapted to right-handers and left-handers.

SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - icon1Quiet blending technology
Thanks to its silent brushless motor, this is the quietest blender without sound enclosure on the market!

Powerful and heavy duty

SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - duty

Thanks to its powerful brushless motor and its strong blade, Santos Compact Blender #66 can crush any ice cubes and frozen fruits in a very short time.
It can be used intensively all day without overheating, thanks to its brushless motor with a permanent magnet (no friction).

Optimized programs

SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - programs

This blender comes with 9 programs that have been optimized to blend your recipes to perfection. Each program has a specific length and speed variation to get a high-quality blend with perfect consistency.
Some programs turn one-way, others turn both ways thanks to Santos patented Dual Crushing Action™

The strongest blade in any Blender 

SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - blade

This blender is equipped with a sharp blade to crush ice cubes and frozen fruits in a few seconds.
This blade is TiN (Titanium Nitride) coated which makes it highly resistant and durable!
TiN coating is wear-resistant, inert, and reduces friction which improves the blade’s life up to 10 times over uncoated blades.

Dual crushing action

SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - action

The compact brushless blender #66 and the expert brushless blender #62 are the only blenders in the world with a two-way rotation of the blade: Dual Crushing Action™ By turning both ways, this blade can blend any drink in a few seconds.

Strong coupling system

SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - system

The coupling system is 100% metal making it extremely durable.
Moreover, there is a brake stopping immediately the coupling rotation when the bowl is removed to prevent any damage in this area.

1 blender = 2 options

SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - options1 SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - options2

The Brushless Blender #66 can be used either countertop or in-counter, without any additional option. To build it in a counter:

  1. Unscrew the 4 feet and remove the black base
  2. SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - icon3Make a hole in your counter

3 jugs available

SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - available

This model is delivered with 1 transparent BPA-free jug, but yellow and red jugs are available in option.
Those new colored jugs are perfect for users worrying about allergen cross-contact. Associating identified recipes containing allergens, such as nuts, soy, or dairy, to some specific-colored containers will help prevent cross-contamination and protect the consumers’ health.


Thanks to its low overall dimensions it will fit in the smallest kitchens and bars. Even more in its in-counter version.

SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - Compact1 SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - Compact2


Standard appliance: In-counter version:
W: 197 mm (8’’) W: 197 mm (8’’)
D: 233 mm (9’’) D: 233 mm (9’’)
H: 393 mm (16’’) H: 307 mm (12’’)

SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 - overview

  1. Lid equipped with a detection
  2. Bisphenol A-free graduated jar
    Graduation : 48 oz / 1.4L
    Capacity : 81 oz / 2.4L
  3. On/off switch
  4. Extra strong blade:
    patented two-way rotation system
  5. Couplings in metal
  6. Illuminated touchpad control panel
  7. 9 programs for high quality, precise and constant blend
  8. + and – button to choose the program
  9. Pulse button
  10. Brushless Motor