Countertop Chiller with Sink 136

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Countertop Chiller with Sink 136

The Perfect Solution for Commercial Kitchens


So Countertop Chiller with Sink 136 are a must-have for any commercial kitchen. Hence They combine storage and preparation in one convenient unit, saving space and improving efficiency. These chillers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any kitchen.


  • Stainless steel structure for durability and easy cleaning
  • Ventilated refrigeration for even temperature distribution
  • Extractable group for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Front panel openable with key for added security
  • Circular pattern of cold air to prevent direct contact with food
  • Electronic temperature control with digital thermostat for precise temperature management
  • Electric resistance around the door frame to eliminate condensation
  • Automatic defrost with electric resistance to save time and energy
  • Automatic defrost temperature control to prevent food from freezing
  • Automatic evaporation of condensed water for easy disposal
  • Anti-corrosion treated evaporator for long service life
  • Door with return spring for easy opening and closing
  • Easily removable door seal for cleaning and maintenance
  • Height adjustable stainless steel feet for leveling on uneven surfaces
  • Capacity of 282 liters
  • Temperature range of -2 to +8 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum ambient temperature of +38 degrees Celsius and maximum ambient humidity of 60%
  • Absorbed power of 550 watts
  • Equipped with 2 grids
  • Internal dimensions of L902 x P580 x H588 mm
  • External Size : L1360 x P700 x H850 mm


  • under counter chiller with bowl sink offer a number of benefits for commercial kitchens, including:

  • Improved efficiency: By combining storage and preparation in one unit, countertop chillers with sinks can help to improve the efficiency of kitchen staff.

  • Increased productivity: By having everything they need right at their fingertips, kitchen staff can be more productive and efficient.

  • Reduced food waste: Countertop chillers with sinks can help to reduce food waste by keeping food fresh and safe for longer.

  • Improved food safety: By maintaining a consistent temperature, countertop chillers with sinks can help to prevent foodborne illness.

  • To Enhanced kitchen organization: this Countertop chillers with sinks can help to improve the organization of a commercial kitchen by providing a dedicated space for food storage and preparation.


So Countertop chillers with sinks are an essential piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen. As They offer a number of benefits, including improved efficiency, increased productivity, reduced food waste, improved food safety, and enhanced kitchen organization. Therefore If you are looking for a way to improve your commercial kitchen, consider investing in a countertop chiller with sink.