Hood Type Dishwasher

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Hood Type Dishwasher | comenda dishwasher RC07 | COMENDA RC07 HOOD TYPE DISHWASHER | dishwasher machine | Undercounter dishwashers for hotels and restaurants - Dubai | Dishwasher
Hood Type Dishwasher

Hood Type Dishwasher

Hood Type Dishwasher machine  | COMENDA RC07 HOOD TYPE DISHWASHER

General features Dishwasher machine 

‚Äď 50 cm X 50 cm rack.
‚Äď 2 adjustable washing times,¬†90‚Ä̬†and¬†120‚ÄĚ.
‚Äď Standard¬†automatic-start.
‚Äď Economical 15 litres wash tank that consumes¬†only 2.7 litres of water per wash cycle.
‚ÄstSpring balanced¬†hood.
‚Äď Peristaltic and timed¬†rinse-aid¬†dosing pump included.
‚Äď Optional:¬†drain pump,¬†detergent¬†dosing pump,¬†insulated hood¬†and¬†built-in water softener.
‚Äď Washing pump water flow:¬†200 lt/min.¬†.
‚Äď 1 dish rack, 1 glass rack and 1 spoon holder as¬†standard equipment.


Height: 1519 mm ( closed ) , 2010 mm ( open )

Width: 730 mm

Depth: 819 mm

Basket: 500 mm X 500 mm

Clearance: 450 mm

Electrical input: 400 V 3 N + T / 50 Hz

Power rating: 8500 W

Washing pump: 200 lt/min.

Cycle: 90‚ÄĚ- 120‚ÄĚ

Undercounter dishwashers for hotels and restaurants – Dubai

So The  commercial dishwasher Machine  is the ergonomic alternative to those rinsing kitchens where a front-loading dishwasher could also be chosen. So,

The big advantage of this machine is that the baskets with crockery do not have to be lifted.  Then, a table  placed on the input side of the machine

from which the baskets with dishes are pushed into the machine. Hence Washed baskets are pushed from the dishwasher onto the output table.

also can be placed both in line and in corner arrangement. Therefore, Leakage water flows into the machine, keeping the floor around the dishwasher dry.

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