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Best Commercial Dishwasher: Buyer’s Guide | washing equipment

Best Commercial Dishwasher: Buyer’s Guide

A Guide to Commercial Dishwashers: Choosing the Right Machine for Your Needs

Choosing the Perfect Commercial Dishwasher: Your Guide to Sparkling Success!

Keeping your dishes clean and your customers happy is crucial in the hospitality industry, and your commercial dishwasher plays a starring role in this play. This comprehensive buyer’s guide is here to help you pick the perfect dishwasher for your specific needs, whether you run a bustling bar or a busy kitchen.

We’ll break down common dishwasher terminology, explain the key differences between models, and even explore the pros and cons of popular brands. By the end, you’ll be well-equipped to identify the ideal dishwasher for your venue and determine a budget that works for you.

Remember, every venue has unique requirements. While this guide empowers you to make informed decisions, consider consulting a professional to discuss your specific needs and get personalized recommendations.

Here’s what our commercial dishwasher buyer’s guide about : 

1. Types of commercial dishwashers

2. Commercial dishwasher terminology

3. What are the main things to consider when buying a commercial dishwasher?

4. Some of the best commercial dishwasher brands

5. Top questions to ask before you buy a commercial dishwasher


Commercial Dishwasher Options: Finding Your Perfect Match

There are several choices when it comes to commercial dishwashers, each suited for different needs. Let’s explore the main types to help you find the best fit for your kitchen or bar.

What is a conveyor dishwasher?

Conveyor Dishwasher: Your High-Speed Dishwashing Hero

Ever feel overwhelmed by mountains of dirty dishes after a busy service? A conveyor dishwasher is your secret weapon! Imagine a car wash for your plates – this powerhouse machine continuously feeds racks of dishes through a powerful wash cycle, churning out sparkling clean dishes at impressive speeds. Many models even boast a drying function, ensuring your dishes emerge ready for immediate use. Keep in mind, these are sizeable machines, so make sure you have ample space to accommodate this hardworking addition to your kitchen.

What is a hood dishwasher or pass through dishwasher?

A ‘pass through dishwasher’ or ‘hood dishwasher’ has a hood that lifts up so you can easily slide racks of dishes in and out. These sit between your kitchen benches instead of under them and require a flat surface on each side so you can use them effectively. These models often start operating automatically when you pull the hood down over the dirty dishes so you don’t have to press a lot of buttons. Some also lift the hood automatically at the end of a cycle.

A pass through or hood dishwasher is more user friendly than a commercial under bench dishwasher because whoever is operating it doesn’t have to bend down to stack and unstack dishes. The user can also be loading an empty rack on one side and emptying a full dishwasher rack on the other while the cycle is in progress. Shop our range of pass through dishwashers.

What is an under bench dishwasher?

Also known as front loaders, these under-bench dishwashers are often used in bars or smaller kitchens. In comparison to the dishwasher you have at home they have a faster wash cycle so you’re not waiting an hour or more for your dishes to be cleaned. However they only wash one rack at a time. Shop our range of dishwashers.

Glasswasher: The Gentle Giant of Dishwashing

Not all dishes are created equal! Delicate glassware requires special care. Enter the glasswasher, a specialized dishwasher designed for your precious wine glasses, pint glasses, and tumblers. These machines pack a powerful cleaning punch using high temperatures to sanitize, but with gentler water pressure to prevent any fragile glassware from chipping or breaking. Keep your glasses sparkling clean and worry-free!

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